Wave Plastic Surgery joins Cosmetic Physician Partners (CPP) to Enhance Innovation in Aesthetic Medicine

DALLAS, Feb. 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Wave Plastic Surgery joins Cosmetic Physician Partners (CPP) in a strategic partnership aimed at elevating patient care in the field of aesthetic medicine.

The collaboration between Wave Plastic Surgery, a leader in anti-aging plastic surgery, and CPP, a physician-owned partnership with 34 aesthetic clinics across the United States, reinforces its commitment to excellence and innovation, focusing on enhancing the patient experience.

Dr. Peter Lee, MD, FACS, Founder, CEO and Chief Surgeon of Wave Plastic Surgery, expressed excitement: “This collaboration allows us to combine our specialized anti-aging expertise with CPP’s operational excellence, enhancing our ability to provide personalized, high-quality treatment.”

The partnership aims to deepen the commitment to personalized care and set a new industry standard in aesthetic medicine. Wave brings specialized expertise in anti-aging procedures, while CPP offers strategic acumen and operational excellence in the aesthetic clinic sector.

“I envision no better synergy for Wave’s long-term growth and leadership strategy in the anti-aging domain,” Dr. Lee emphasized. “Together with CPP, we are reinforcing our foundation for sustainable growth, innovation, and market leadership.”

Driven by a dedicated team of leaders from both organizations, Wave Plastic Surgery and CPP envision this partnership as a catalyst for sustained growth and innovation in the aesthetic care space. Planned initiatives include sophisticated, collaborative training programs for staff and medical providers.

“CPP sees immense potential for growth and innovation with our collaboration with Wave, a clinic recognized for its pioneering anti-aging solutions and commitment to personalized care. Together, we are dedicated to elevating patient care and outcomes and setting new industry benchmarks,” said Dr. Jay Burns, Partner, Cosmetic Physician Partners.

For more information about Cosmetic Physician Partners, please visit www.cosmeticphysicianpartners.com.

About Wave Plastic Surgery

Wave Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Laser Center is a global leader in anti-aging plastic surgery, providing outstanding outpatient surgery services across its five locations in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Francisco. Founded by Dr. Peter Lee, Wave Plastic Surgery is dedicated to delivering excellence in patient care and outcomes, utilizing cutting-edge technology and a team of world-renowned plastic surgeons.

About Cosmetic Physician Partners Inc. 

Cosmetic Physician Partners (CPP) is building the premier medical aesthetic clinic network in the US for the long-term benefit of all our partners, clients, and employees. CPP’s leadership team brings together some of the world’s leading clinic operators and medical specialists in the medical aesthetic business.

With a strong belief in building a people-first culture, we have achieved consistent double-digit growth in our clinics for the last decade. Additional information on CPP is available at www.cosmeticphysicianpartners.com.

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