Tistaminis Expands Its Reach, Offering Over 25,000 Products to Hobbyists Across North America

From Local Beginnings to Nationwide Leader, the Proud Canadian company is Carving Out a Name for Itself.

CANADA, March 27, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Amid the ever-growing popularity of tabletop gaming and trading cards, Tistaminis has emerged as a pioneering force in Canada’s hobby shop landscape, seeking to enchant a wider audience across North America. Spearheaded by entrepreneur David Batista, this distinguished establishment has journeyed from modest eBay sales of used Warhammer models to reigning as the most extensive Warhammer distributor nationwide. Today, Tistaminis prides itself on its flourishing online platform and its welcoming storefront in Hamilton, Ontario, shipping hundreds of orders daily.

With a robust selection of over 25,000 products and over 10 paint lines, including new and used Warhammer models, Tistaminis stands out as a premier destination for hobbyists seeking quality, variety, and a rich shopping experience. The store’s expansive range includes popular card games like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and Yugioh, as well as over ten distinct lines of hobby paints and supplies. This extensive assortment highlights Tistaminis’ dedication to providing a comprehensive and satisfying shopping experience for hobbyists of all interests.

David Batista, the visionary behind Tistaminis, shares his excitement about the company’s trajectory: “At Tistaminis, we are a small team of staff operating a large operation. We consider ourselves a mom and pop shop still, but sometimes it is surreal how many customers we serve on a daily basis.” This sentiment is echoed in Tistaminis’ approach to customer service and community engagement, highlighting the personal touch that has contributed to its year-over-year growth and high customer retention rates.

As part of its future expansion plans, Tistaminis is setting sights on enlarging its e-commerce footprint and enhancing the local retail experience. “We are excited for what the future will bring for Tistaminis. We have seen amazing growth in just a few years, and feel that the best years are yet to come,” Batista adds. The store aims to introduce its products to new platforms such as Amazon and Walmart, reaching customers who may not yet be familiar with the Tistaminis brand. Locally, efforts are being made to improve gaming spaces and in-store game offerings, fostering a community hub for hobbyists.

Tistaminis is not only the largest Warhammer retailer in Canada but also the sole retailer in the country to carry several product lines imported from overseas. This unique position enables Tistaminis to offer hobbyists access to exclusive products that enhance their gaming and model-building experiences.

For those looking to trade in their unused models, Tistaminis offers a convenient trade-in program, allowing enthusiasts to refresh their collections and engage in new projects. With over ten paint lines available, hobbyists are assured to find the perfect hue for their next masterpiece.

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