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Included, are self-assessment tools, a complete set of lesson plans, quizzes, and invaluable resources to improve your students’ school and career success.

K12 leadership and frontline educators will love how this program puts the student in the driver’s seat from Day 1 and supports the teaching process at every level.”

— Mike Bronder, Co-Founder & CEO,

WESTCHESTER, NY, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2024 / — ThinkBuildLive Success (TBLS), a pioneer in the development of student success planning programs, and EdTek Services, a leader in custom online learning and training development, are expanding their partnership in SEL teacher training by teaming up with K12Leaders, a collaborative community for educators interested in developing K12 leadership potential.

The partnership between these three innovators will focus on delivering high-level SEL professional development for teachers at high schools, colleges, universities, career colleges, and organizations focused on life skills programs for young adults.

The Teaching Leader’s Guide developed by TBLS will assist educators in delivering the TBLS Student Success Planning Program. Created with real-life challenges in mind, the Student Success Planning Program offers practical, workable strategies and relevant, immediately applicable tools and resources to promote life skills everyone should know, career readiness, and develop essential social emotional learning competencies.

“The Teaching Leader’s Guide shows educators how to teach students SEL skills and empowers them to model and integrate these skills into their classrooms day in and day out,” said Elizabeth Kemler, M.S. Ed., Founder of ThinkBuildLive Success. “Working with a trusted and experienced partner like K12Leaders means the program will reach tens of thousands of educators across the United States and impact the lives of even more students.”

The Teaching Leader’s Guide focuses on experiential learning – filled with group activities, discussion questions, quotes, stories, and individual exercises to assist teachers in bringing any subject matter to life in a relevant and engaging way. It offers strategies for handling challenging behaviors, developing effective presentation skills, and methods for creating a dynamic classroom experience.

“Many student success programs currently on the market offer a one-size-fits-all formula,” said Mike Bronder, Co-Founder and CEO of K12Leaders. “K12 leadership and those working as frontline educators will love how the TBLS program puts the student in the driver’s seat from Day 1 and supports the teaching process at every level.”

“Today’s experienced educator knows how SEL teacher training transforms school culture,” said Paul Jacobelli, Founder and President of EdTek Services. “Teachers feel more confident and connected. Students thrive academically and socially. It’s a win-win. That’s why the TBLS Teaching Leader’s Guide has a laser focus on creating SEL-competent educators. A significant partner like K12Leaders enables us to really spread that message faster and wider.”

With the Teaching Leader’s Guide, educators can help develop social-emotional learning goals for students, enhance classroom management, promote academic achievement, build a positive school culture, promote equity and inclusion, and support both student and teacher well-being.

About ThinkBuildLive Success:

For more than a decade thousands of students of all ages, abilities, and varied backgrounds and experiences have benefitted from the TBLS Student Success Planning Program to build a foundation for greater success in all areas of their lives. Instructors at various levels of the education sector have taken advantage of the Teaching Leader’s Guide to enhance their SEL professional development and integrate the TBLS Student Success Planning Program into their daily lessons. This unique program from TBLS has helped with student retention, job placement, and academic success at high schools, colleges, universities, and youth-based organizations across the United States and Canada.

About K12Leaders:

K12Leaders is a professional network for those in the K12 community. Its primary mission is to help amplify the voice of our educational members and provide a community and collaboration space for educational leaders at all levels to share ideas, find mentorship, and develop projects in pursuit of the continual improvement of K12 leadership and education.

About EdTek Services:

EdTek’s all-inclusive SaaS LMS pricing helps smaller organizations stretch their budgets to deliver the same level of quality training and education as any of the leading providers in the marketplace. Founded in 2003, EdTek Services has focused on providing the best LMS for small business and mission-critical LMS support services. EdTek’s package of LMS support services includes consulting, unlimited training, hands-on daily administrative support, help-desk support for users, custom course design and development, 350 Soft Skills courses in the LMS Library, a web conference platform, and access to millions of digital media resources.

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