Tequila Corrido Wins 3 National ADDY Awards

Tequila Corrido’s Amp Box, National ADDY Winner, Sales & Marketing

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Tequila Corrido’s Music Fest Campaign, National ADDY Winner

Arizona spirits brand celebrates prestigious prizes from American Advertising Federation

Our team deserves a round of applause—and maybe a round of tequila shots too!”

— Ken Phox, Tequila Corrido President

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tequila Corrido/- The American Advertising Federation honored Tequila Corrido with three coveted American Advertising Awards at the 2024 AAF ADMERICA National Conference in Salt Lake City. The three-tier competition began with a pool of more than 25,000 entries, requiring creative campaigns to advance through local and regional rounds, with only the most outstanding making it to the national competition.

Tequila Corrido was the only Arizona entrant to be honored with more than one national ADDY in 2024.

“Winning three awards on the national stage is no small feat,” shares Tequila Corrido President Ken Phox. “These awards show that our in-house team can shake things up just as much as any agency out there. Our team deserves a round of applause—and maybe a round of tequila shots too!”

AAF National ADDY Awards Tequila Corrido for Creative Excellence, Marketing & Sales:

* 1 Silver ADDY for Tequila Corrido Amp Box

* 1 Silver ADDY for Tequila Corrido Music Fest Invites

* 1 Silver ADDY for Tequila Corrido Music Fest Campaign

AAF: Select entries considered outstanding and worthy of recognition receive a Silver ADDY

What it took to get here: Along the way to the national competition, Tequila Corrido’s musical themed marketing clearly struck a chord with fellow AAF creatives. Tequila Corrido was honored with more awards than any other agency or brand at this year’s Phoenix Ad Club Awards, and then swept again in the AAF-District 12 competition, including earning Best of Show.

AAF (District 12) Awards 9 ADDYs to Tequila Corrido:

* Best of Show

* 4 Gold ADDY Awards

* 4 Silver ADDY Awards

AAF (Phoenix) Awards 13 ADDYs to Tequila Corrido:

* Judge’s Choice

* 9 Gold ADDYs

* 2 Silver ADDYs

* 1 Bronze ADDY

“Playing it safe in branding is like whispering in a crowded concert. Only the loudest voices are heard. Brands like ours need to SHOUT, through daring campaigns and bold ideas that capture the imagination and loyalty of our audiences,” Phox adds. To arrange an interview with Ken Phox about crafting a marketing and branding campaign that earned national honors, email [email protected]

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Download images of Tequila Corrido’s 2024 ADDY winning entries here.

About Tequila Corrido

Tequila Corrido is a premium, additive-free tequila, made of mature, Blue Weber agave in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico (NOM 1412,) headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. Tequila Corrido produces Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, and a limited release Overproof, each expression beginning as our luxurious, double-distilled Tequila Corrido Blanco. Named for the narrative ballads of Mexico known as corridos, each bottle of Corrido celebrates Mexico and music. Bottles made of recycled-glass are each adorned with a leather bound guitar pick- a nod to the melody and cultural flavors that inspire every sip. Visit ilovetequilacorrido.com for more on the award-winning brand.


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