Quicklly and ZEE5 Global Join Forces to Bring Bollywood and Indian Flavors to Every Household in the US
Quicklly brings ZEE5 Global viewers a taste of culinary delight making binge-watching binge-worthy, with authentic South Asian flavors.

In a groundbreaking partnership that elevates cultural experiences for South Asians in the US, Quicklly proudly collaborates with ZEE5 Global, the world's leading streaming service for South Asian content. Partnering in the Consumer Giveback Program of the recently launched ZEE5 Global Add-ons, this collaboration signifies a commitment to enhancing cultural convenience while treating the South Asian community to a festive feast of entertainment and gastronomy.

This unprecedented collaboration unites two beloved pillars of the South Asian community in the US—Food and Bollywood. By bringing these top favorite cultural elements—Food and Bollywood—together, Quicklly serves as a bridge that connects hearts and homes. As South Asians in the US prepare for the holiday season, this collaboration offers more than just binge-worthy TV shows; it unlocks a delightful journey into the heart of traditional South Asian cuisine. It signifies a natural fusion of cultural elements, seamlessly blending the vibrant hues of Bollywood entertainment with the rich and diverse flavors of authentic South Asian cuisine.

Quicklly, recognized as the premier online South Asian marketplace, leverages this collaboration to provide users with a unique opportunity to savor their favorite South Asian dishes while immersing themselves in the rich tapestry of cultural content offered by ZEE5 Global. In this collaboration, entertainment and food aren't just companions; they are integral components that enhance the community's sense of togetherness and cultural identity. This unique partnership is a testament to the power of cultural expression through the universal languages of food and entertainment. Quicklly and ZEE5 Global, both committed to celebrating South Asian heritage, understand the significance of these cultural touchpoints in fostering a sense of belonging within the community abroad. 

Pritesh Velankar, COO of Quicklly Inc., shared insights into the partnership: "At Quicklly, we are delighted to collaborate with ZEE5 Global to bring a unique blend of entertainment and cultural convenience to our users. With our shared mission and values, this partnership marks just the beginning of redefining how people engage with their preferred traditions, entertainment, flavors, and fashion from the comfort of their homes."

Archana Anand, Chief Business Officer at ZEE5 Global, expressed, "This has been an incredible year for us in the US, rapidly becoming the leading South Asian streaming platform. Our recently launched ZEE5 Add-ons offer multiple perks, including guaranteed rewards in partnership with Quicklly. We aim to make this holiday season even more memorable."

This initiative is a gateway to a richer cultural experience. Quicklly, with its commitment to culinary excellence, becomes the conduit through which ZEE5's initiatives reach a broader audience, tapping into the enthusiasm of a community hungry for authentic and exciting South Asian flavors.

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