Pinterest Launches Fund in Partnership with SHOWTIME/MTV Entertainment Studios to Elevate Cultural Healing Practices that Improve Young People’s Mental Health

Called the “Hidden Healing Fund,” it aims to unlock the power of collective impact by galvanizing corporate partners to leverage capital to combat the youth mental health crisis in historically marginalized communities

SAN FRANCISCO and NEW YORK, May 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In recognition of Mental Health Awareness month, Pinterest is proud to announce the launch of the Hidden Healing Fund, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at elevating diverse cultural healing practices that positively impact the mental health of young people. SHOWTIME/MTV Entertainment Studios (MTV) joins as the founding media partner, underscoring a shared commitment to driving youth mental health action.

In its inaugural year, 2024, the Hidden Healing Fund will pilot an initial collective investment of $1 million toward community organizations employing culturally-led approaches to address mental health challenges for young people. Brands committed to improving mental health are invited to combine their unique resources to help bridge gaps in accessibility and foster innovative solutions beyond traditional models of care.

The initiative draws inspiration from an idea created by four young mental health leaders at the MTV Mental Health Youth Action Forum in 2022 at the White House, which Pinterest participated in alongside First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, Ambassador Susan Rice, and U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy. The idea, which came out of an MTV incubation program, went on to become a pioneering digital video series in partnership with the founding young leaders: Mahmoud Khedr, Ayanna Kelly, Maddox Guerilla, and Kheira Bekkadja, collectively known as the Hidden Healers. The digital series,–which launched in October 2022 and has since reached more than 10 million people – shines a spotlight on culturally grounded healing practices from BIPOC communities by showcasing how healing can emerge from diverse traditions and cultural practices and highlighting the importance of inclusivity and representation in mental health narratives.

By harnessing the collective resources of leading brands, the Hidden Healing Fund seeks to take this idea a step further by infusing capital into existing community-based practices rooted in culture and connection that have demonstrated profound efficacy in supporting young people’s mental health, particularly in underserved communities. The AAKOMA Project’s 2023 State of Mental Health for Youth of Color Report found that while over half of youth and young adults reported experiencing moderate to severe depression and/or anxiety, 30% who reported needing treatment did not receive it. Moreover, the severe lack of BIPOC mental health professionals—only 10.4% of practicing psychiatrists are Black, Latino or Native American — exacerbates these disparities. The Hidden Healing Fund acknowledges the challenges many young people face in accessing traditional mental health services, from long wait times to financial barriers, and elevates diverse community-led solutions to address a critical need.

“We are thrilled to convert the inspiration from the Hidden Healers and our involvement at the Mental Health Youth Action Forum two years ago to now launch this collective fund with SHOWTIME/MTV Entertainment Studios and other corporate partners,” said Malik Ducard, Chief Content Officer at Pinterest. “Together, we are leveraging our collective influence to uplift culturally-led mental health resources that support young people by honoring their unique identities and communities.”

“Two years ago, we were honored to bring 30 young leaders to the White House to present their ideas for how to address the youth mental health crisis in historically marginalized communities and today, we are incredibly proud to see one of those ideas become a reality,” said Brianna Cayo Cotter, SVP of Social Impact at SHOWTIME/MTV Entertainment Studios. “Thanks to the Pinterest team for making this commitment possible, and to the Hidden Healers for the creativity, leadership, and heart that they continue to bring to this effort.”

“I am passionately dedicated to supporting the Hidden Healing Fund and the Hidden Healers, who are realizing the vision of a healthier, more equitable future,” said psychologist, researcher and Founder of The AAKOMA Project, Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble. “The AAKOMA Project’s 2023 State of Mental Health for Youth of Color report highlights the mental health challenges diverse youth face and charts a course for their support with an intersectional lens. The Hidden Healers and the Hidden Healing Fund carry this torch forward, pioneering efforts to meet ALL young people in the context of their own lives and stories by placing cultural relevance at the forefront of emotional healing work, right where it belongs.”

“Culture-first approaches offer different arrangements. They don’t focus on diagnoses, symptoms, or problem lists. Instead, they provide relationships and outlets to explore our grief, express our rage, uplift others, and find our joy,” said Dr. Michael Fu, Co-founder, culture therapy. “They provide opportunities to place our narrative in context with millions of other narratives through time. They provide a realization that each and every one of us is a producer of health. The Hidden Healing Fund is a vital call to action to celebrate and prioritize these approaches.”

“We’re ecstatic to have inspired the development of the pioneering Hidden Healing Fund. The creation of the Hidden Healing Fund marks a significant step forward investing in solutions for BIPOC youth that center & honor their identity, culture, and communities. As an Egyptian-American Muslim who went through a decade of suffering in silence and struggling to find culturally-relevant mental health resources, I know that the organizations that will be the beneficiaries of this work offer the type of healing solutions that I wish I had access to—solutions that will provide so many young people with hope and accessibility at a time where despair and mental health challenges are at an all-time high,” said Mahmoud Khedr, Co-founder of Hidden Healers.

“As a young trans person who grew up with little to no mental health resources in my community, this fund will have a catalytic impact on marginalized communities and the world at large, by centering the communities who have been historically left out of the conversation. Our hope is that queer and BIPOC youth see their cultural practices represented and uplifted and know that they’re not alone and that there is support. This innovative approach will catalyze the growth of organizations that have long been undervalued, powering a future where everyone can thrive,” said Maddox Guerrilla, Co-founder of Hidden Healers.

The Hidden Healing Fund invites further collaboration and support from brands passionate about advancing young people’s mental health through culturally-led strategies. For brands wanting to learn more about the Hidden Healing Fund, please email [email protected].

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About the Hidden Healers
Hidden Healers is a first-of-its-kind digital video series that elevates, uplifts and centers culturally grounded healing practices from BIPOC communities to show how healing can come from many unexpected places, including our own traditions and cultural practices. This digital series was created in partnership with Maddox, Mahmoud, Ayanna, and Kheira who developed and presented the idea at MTV Entertainment’s Mental Health Youth Action Forum in 2022. The campaign has reached over 10M+ people and was recently nominated for 4 Shorty awards.

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