Paw Origins’ Rigorous Third-Party Certificate of Analysis Reinforces Consumer Confidence in Happy-Furever Series

Paw Origins Commitment

3rd Party Lab Test

3rd Party Lab Test

Loved And Trusted By Dog Owners And Veterinarians

Loved And Trusted By Dog Owners And Veterinarians

Paw Origins’ Happy-Furever backed by Independent Lab CoA, endorsed by vets for anxiety & inflammation relief – loved by thousands of dog owners.

There’s nothing quite like Happy-Furever. It’s the natural relief for anxiety and inflammation. The fountain of youth for dogs!”

— Dr. Kathryn Dench

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, February 21, 2024 / — In the dynamic landscape of pet health and wellness, Paw Origins emerges as a trailblazer with its Happy-Furever series, setting a new standard for quality and efficacy in pet care products. Central to the brand’s ethos and the cornerstone of its burgeoning reputation is its commitment to absolute transparency and unparalleled quality, as evidenced by its rigorous Third-Party Certificate of Analysis (CoA).

The Gold Standard of Third-Party Testing

At the heart of Paw Origins’ quality assurance process is the independent Third-Party Certificate of Analysis, obtained from the reputable Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs. This esteemed organisation involvement ensures an unbiased evaluation of the Happy-Furever products, providing an objective confirmation of its purity, potency, and safety.

This meticulous testing process scrutinizes the oil for its content profile, and the absence of harmful substances such as heavy metals and pesticides, guaranteeing a product that is not only effective but also safe for our cherished pets.

Happy-Furever: A Conduit for Comprehensive Wellness

Every Happy-Furever product is a conduit to comprehensive wellness, thoughtfully formulated to align with the natural physiological needs of pets. The full-spectrum formulation leverages the synergistic ‘entourage effect’, enhancing the therapeutic benefits of its compounds – to address a broad spectrum of canine conditions including anxiety, inflammation, and mobility challenges, fostering a happier, healthier life for pets.

Veterinarian Endorsement: A Seal of Approval

The Happy-Furever series stands apart, bolstered by glowing endorsements from the veterinary field. Esteemed veterinarians have recognized the meticulous attention to detail, research, and care that Paw Origins invests in each product, recommending the Happy-Furever series to pet parents. This professional validation serves as a robust endorsement, enhancing consumer confidence and underscoring the product’s role in promoting pet wellness.

“There’s nothing quite like Happy-Furever. It’s the natural relief for anxiety and inflammation. The fountain of youth for dogs!”, mentioned by esteemed Cambridge Veterinarian, Dr. Kathryn Dench, Chief Veterinary Advisor of Paw Origins.

Transformational Impact: Testimonials from Pet Parents

The profound impact of the Happy-Furever series is most vividly illustrated in the transformational stories shared by those who’ve witnessed remarkable improvements in their pets’ lives. From elderly dogs rediscovering their vitality to anxious pets finding serenity, the heartwarming success stories of pets rejuvenated by Happy-Furever are a powerful testament to the product’s efficacy.

Paw Origins: A Holistic Approach to Pet Wellness

Paw Origins’ dedication to pet wellness transcends the confines of the product bottle. The brand is committed to empowering pet parents with knowledge and resources for holistic pet care, exemplified by the complimentary Ultimate Pack Leader Bundle provided with each purchase. This comprehensive guide underscores Paw Origins’ holistic vision for pet health and wellness.

Experience the Paw Origins Difference

Paw Origins invites pet parents to discover the transformative potential of the Happy-Furever series for their pets. Backed by the rigorous, independent analysis conducted by Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs, and endorsed by the veterinary community, the Happy-Furever series is a beacon of quality, transparency, and efficacy in the realm of pet wellness.

The Happy-Furever series, with its solid foundation of independent testing and professional endorsements, stands as a testament to Paw Origins’ unwavering commitment to enhancing pet wellness. As pet parents seek reliable, natural solutions for their pets’ health concerns, the Happy-Furever series offers a promising path forward, illuminated by the assurance and confidence that only a rigorously tested, veterinarian-approved product can provide. Embrace the journey towards holistic pet wellness with Paw Origins’ Happy-Furever series, where every drop is a step towards a brighter, healthier future for our beloved pets.

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