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Pandion Creative Strives to Make Meko Production 100% Carbon Neutral

Pandion Creative Strives to Make Meko Production 100% Carbon Neutral
Production Team Partners With Bonefish & Tarpon Trust to Plant 441 Mangrove Trees on Grand Bahama

Director Harrison Buck and his production studio Pandion Creative have partnered with Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (BTT) and its Mangrove Restoration Project to offset the production team's carbon footprint during the filming of Buck's feature documentary Meko. 

During post-production, Buck became curious as to how he could mitigate his production’s carbon footprint. While relatively small in comparison to the carbon footprint of larger film productions, Buck’s desire to contribute to the island of Grand Bahama’s future while offsetting his production’s impact on the environment was a driving force for the partnership with BTT.

Said Buck, “Science and conservation are at the heart of our mission and to be able to circle back and make our production carbon neutral was huge for us. The fact that we were able to do so with a partner like BTT was a fantastic fit. It would have been really easy to find a company that would offset our carbon footprint but in a non-relevant setting to our team and production. To be able to plant mangroves on Grand Bahama, the island where we made most of our impact, was ideal.”

"Generations of conservationists have long sought to leave only footprints in wild places, but today we must also be mindful of our carbon footprints," said BTT President and CEO Jim McDuffie. "We appreciate the commitment made by Harrison Buck and Pandion Creative to do just that with their financial support to BTT's mangrove restoration project in The Bahamas."

Both the full-length documentary and abridged version of Meko, produced in association with oakpool, a multi-disciplinary media agency and studio, stars professional fishing guide Omeko “Meko” Glinton as he navigates extreme obstacles to achieve his lifelong dream of owning and operating his own fishing lodge. Said Buck, “The best documentaries in my mind start out with a great story and uncover an even better one. We set out to make a film about a guide and his family and it turned into something much bigger.”

Far from the typical “grip-and-grin” fishing film, Meko is set to debut on the 2024 film festival scene with a powerful message for those who hold affection for wild places and the people who live in them. Said Buck, “We have all along been trying to make a film that is far away from the industry standard of being fish-landing-focused. We have a story about a man, his family and legacy and all that their community has gone through. There is a little bit of something for everyone to resonate with on a human level.”

Check out the trailer here: MEKO.  

To book an interview with Harrison Buck or Meko, or to learn more about the film project, please visit the official website or reach out to [email protected].

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