Orgill Partners with Elastic Path and The Data Group to Revolutionize B2B2C Commerce

Elastic Path + Orgill

Hardware industry’s fastest-growing hardlines distributor strengthens business through data-driven approach and cutting-edge implementation

Orgill is a prime example of a legacy company becoming a data-driven enterprise. This 177-year-old industry stalwart has recognized the value of using one of their most valuable assets – their data.”

— Paul Graeve, founder of The Data Group

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, UNITED STATES, May 16, 2024 / — The Data Group is pleased to announce the successful completion of Orgill’s launch of Elastic Path Composable Commerce platform (, creating centralized multi-store management that ensures consistency across Orgill dealers.

Orgill has named its B2B2C commerce solution Impact eCommerce, as it empowers Orgill to centrally oversee integrations and product data while simultaneously granting individual distributors the autonomy to tailor their storefronts.

With this capability, Orgill has significantly increased its ability to facilitate commerce for 13,000 retail hardware stores spanning 50 countries online.

This comprehensive solution accommodates dealers with diverse brands, specifications, markets, product assortments, pricing requirements, budget considerations and POS experiences.

Operating within a unified environment, Orgill efficiently manages all participating dealer stores, ensuring seamless operations and delivering consistent, precise, and conversion-enhancing customer experiences throughout its extensive dealer network.

“Orgill is a prime example of a legacy company becoming a data-driven enterprise,” said Paul Graeve, founder of The Data Group. “This 177-year-old industry stalwart has recognized the value of controlling and using one of their most valuable assets – their data. We were excited to be a part of this journey with them and look forward to seeing what Orgill can do with the system Elastic Path has put in place.”

Graeve said that The Data Group was thrilled to be a part of the effort by giving Orgill ownership over one of their most valuable assets – data.

“Product and pricing data serve as the foundation, facilitating effective decision-making and enabling Orgill’s dealers to offer tailored experiences to their customers,” Graeve said. “For this project, our powerful ALPHA platform created all the necessary data integrations.”

“ALPHA is the most powerful data integration tool on the market. For Orgill, ALPHA takes all their product and pricing data from multiple sources and transforms it so that it seamlessly integrates into EP’s Composable eCommerce platform.”

“At The Data Group, we take pride in contributing to Elastic Path’s initiative to expand Orgill’s presence in the eCommerce realm. By leveraging Elastic Path Composable Commerce, Orgill gains enhanced capabilities to craft exceptional customer experiences and drive revenue growth. The suite of composable products provided by Elastic Path empowers Orgill to swiftly develop unique engagements that resonate with audiences and facilitate commerce across its dealer network.”

Grant Morrow, Director of eCommerce at Orgill, emphasized the long-standing aspiration to embark on the B2B2C journey, underscoring the data-centric nature of their ambitions.

“We’ve been searching for capabilities to create mass-customized dealer experiences that allow us to centrally manage our data and taxonomy but easily funnel it to hundreds, and eventually thousands of storefronts in a cost-effective manner,” said Morrow. “We were conscious that our ambitions surpassed what most eCommerce and Data solutions could provide, but with help from The Data Group and Elastic Path’s Composable Commerce platform, we were able to roll out the data management process that fuels our new Impact eCommerce program.”

Orgill sees the Impact eCommerce platform as a dynamic solution that has already energized numerous catalogs on dealer websites, with countless more poised for full website integration.

Orgill’s Impact eCommerce initiative offers a spectrum of program levels, spanning from catalog-only options to fundamental website solutions, all the way to comprehensive POS-integrated, BOPIS eCommerce systems.

The versatile commerce platform is delivered to Orgill’s dealers preloaded with enriched product data spanning over 75,000 Orgill items. Additionally, for higher tiers of the program, dealers gain access to Orgill’s Industry PIM program, featuring data on 1.3 million products beyond what Orgill stocks and sells.

On certain tiers of the program, Dealers retain the autonomy to supplement their catalogs with proprietary products and opt for either Orgill-managed pricing or customized rates.

This solution empowers dealers of all scales to launch online stores swiftly, tailor offerings to suit their needs, and provide seamless buy-online-pay-in-store and digital checkout experiences, propelling revenue growth.

Dealer brands have the opportunity to experiment and fine-tune their online commerce strategies, complemented by a Marketing Starter Kit empowering business users to execute branding and marketing endeavors.

Notably, site implementations for dealers go live within weeks, while catalogs can be launched in a matter of days or even hours, ensuring swift market entry and agility in responding to customer demands.

Graeve believes the collaboration between these companies and Orgill will usher in a new era of data-driven excellence for the hardlines distributor.

“Our ALPHA platform is powering the data integrations that are transforming Orgill into a powerhouse of market-driven retailing. Together, we have solidified Orgill’s position as a trailblazer in the industry, poised for sustained success in the ever-changing retail landscape. With data as their compass and integration as their engine, we are proud of the work that will put Orgill on a journey of continued growth and prosperity.”

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About Orgill

Orgill, the industry’s fastest-growing hardlines distributor, was founded in 1847 and is headquartered in Collierville, Tennessee.

Orgill serves more than 13,000 retail hardware stores, home centers, professional lumber dealers, and farm stores throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as in over 50 countries around the world.

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The Data Group is a premier provider of cutting-edge data solutions, pioneering the transformation of businesses into data-driven enterprises for nearly two decades.

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