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MethodHub Cyber Security Conference

Participants at Cyber Security Conference in Bangkok

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Well Attended MethodHub Conference on Cyber Security in Bangkok showcases solutions for small and medium businesses

Cyber Attacks have the most impact on small and medium business as it is not considered a priority area while building or running a fledgling business”

— Dinesh Agaskar

BANGKOK, BANGKOK, THAILAND, March 27, 2024 / — MethodHub recently organized a seminar on Cyber Security in Bangkok in association with Secure Traces, an Alpharetta GA, US-based cyber security company. Targeted at small and medium businesses under 100 Mn which are most vulnerable but those who don’t normally have elaborate or mature security standards, processes or platforms, MethodHub’s offering helps them protect their businesses by protecting their IT Assets, IP and Business Processes.

Secure Traces’’ SAAS ( Security as a Service) Platform enables small and medium business to get on a cybersecure platform which increases their security posture. Reduces vulnerability and protects their business against ransomware, service disruption or denial or viruses and other malware which reduce performance, drive fraudulent activity or impact customer experience. In some cases these attacks have proved fatal to a company and as statistics go, 60% of small business which are victims of a cyber attack go out of business and a full 70% have their business so badly impacted that business drops and distracts the management into firefighting and non-growth activities.

Through Secure Traces’s solution, MethodHub offers EDR, IAM and a range of services to protect your business and increase your security posture to reduce, if not eliminate, vulnerability altogether. Also it prepares a company to be better equipped and ready to tackle the next cyberthreat around the corner. MethodHub’s PIMA ( Prepare, Implement, Mitigate, Avoid) methodology helps small and medium businesses understand, prepare and implement Cyber Security measures, thereby mitigating and eventually avoiding cyber attacks.

Key aspects of the Offering are

1. SIEM Platform

2. EDR( End Point Detection and Response) Monitoring

3. Network and Application PEN testing

4. Breach Assessment and Remediation

Secure Traces platform is built on LogRhythm and SentinelOne, two proven products which offer the underlying security apparatus and are robust to scale and handle threats of varied nature. MethodHub implements and consults on the Secure Traces platform to ensure customers are prepared and can handle Cyber threats as they emerge without disruption to their business.

“This partnership helps MethodHub offer robust cyber security solutions at price points affordable to small and medium businesses, the most underprepared but vulnerable segments of industry” said Aho Bilam President and CEO of MethodHub. The fact that they are under prepared makes them an easy target for cyber attacks which would cripple their business, said Dinesh Agaskar, head of MethodHub ,Southeast Asia. MethodHub provides customer access and reach to Secure Traces, which would otherwise find it unviable to service this segment directly, said Natraj Subramanian CEO of Secure Traces.

About MethodHub: US-based MethodHub, with a strong and significant presence in Thailand, is a global technology services company focused on Cloud and Data, ERP/CRM and Cyber Security and serves Banking/Financial Services. HealthCare, Oil/Gas and Telcom/Media industries,. With operations in Canada, India and Thailand in addition to the US, MethodHub has 4 delivery centers in India offering consulting, Managed services, Product engineering and Technical Support to leading enterprises in the US and elsewhere. Over 600-strong and having technology partners in Cloud/Data, ERP/CRM and Cyber Security, MethodHub moves fast into emerging technology areas to give its customer the first mover advantage in their respective industries.

About Secure Traces: Alpharetta, GA, USA-based Secure Traces helps small and medium enterprises prepare for, manage and avoid cyber threats by offering a SAAS-based solution which tracks, monitors and defuses cyber threats as they emerge. With a custom-built SIEM platform which leverages industry-standard products, Secure Traces offers these solutions as affordable price points. Secure Traces believes security should not be unaffordable and complex and out of reach of companies which most need it.

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