Match My Makeup Extends Its Industry-Leading Skin Tone Matching Technology to Lips

AI and Virtual Try-On Personalized Shade Recommendations

Match My Makeup Lipstick Recommendations on a model

Eliminate decision fatigue by finding the right colors, personalized to you!

Match My Makeup, a groundbreaking beauty tech platform, is taking personalization to new heights by matching lip colors to suit over 15,000 individual skintones

Match My Makeup is your digital beauty advisor, accessible at your fingertips 24/7 and driven by the synergy of makeup artists and cutting edge AI/AR technology.”

— Victoria Ha

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, January 17, 2024 / — Match My Makeup emerged as a trailblazer in the beauty tech sector by tackling one of the most significant challenges in the makeup industry – finding the perfect foundation shade. By using a combination of science, mathematics and an in-depth knowledge of skin, Match My Makeup developed a method for accurately analyzing foundation shades to determine the color composition. This innovative approach allowed the company to compare foundation shades from different brands worldwide, making brand-to-brand matching of foundation products possible. Match My Makeup then leveraged the data captured to develop a skin analysis quiz that accurately identifies a person’s skin tone, thereby enabling skin-to-brand matching. Being the most accurate tool in the world for shade matching of foundations, major retailers and cosmetic brands such as Blue Mercury and E.L.F swiftly adopted this technology, both in-store and online, leading to remarkable increases in conversion rates.

What’s next? LIPS!

Having conquered the foundation vertical, Match My Makeup has now made the exciting leap into lip colors. The capability of the tool to accurately identify a person’s skin color and undertone has become the basis of an exciting development for Match My Makeup – the creation of a personalized look by linking lip colors to a person’s individual skin color. “We believe this is a revolutionary development in the cosmetic digital space.” says Victoria Ha, the company’s CEO. “We are now able to guide consumers and recommend the best colors that uniquely complement their skin tone, just as a beauty advisor would if the person was standing in front of them.”

Users will be able to see the look by using the Virtual Try-On capability of Match My Makeup.

“This is a huge opportunity, and the future direction of beauty tech,” says Kathleen Loftus, Global Digital Director from ICONIC London. “Utilizing technology to help people easily choose colors that have traditionally been difficult to select — like bright or nude lip colors— builds consumer trust and strengthens their relationship with a brand.”

Launched in November, the Match My Makeup platform offers consumers thousands of lip colors across all major and indie brands. The company will add blush, eye shadows, contouring and bronzers to its offering in early 2024.

The Match My Makeup platform is incredibly versatile, featuring Virtual Try-On capabilities. It can be seamlessly integrated into a retailer’s website and mobile application, or accessed via QR code in a retail space. Match My Makeup is also accessible directly through the website,

About Match My Makeup:

Match My Makeup, a product of Ivivaco Pty Ltd, is a pioneering beauty tech company dedicated to transforming the beauty industry through innovative technology. The platform utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning to provide personalized makeup recommendations, becoming a digital makeup advisor and revolutionizing the way individuals discover and choose beauty products.

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