How BubbleFAST Revolutionized Shipping Supplies for 25 Years

Mark & Robin Le Vine from BubbleFAST

Alan and Robin, founders of BubbleFAST.  Photo from the News Sun, May 26, 2001

Alan and Robin, founders of BubbleFAST. Photo from the News Sun, May 26, 2001

Gurnee Mayor Tom Hood and Trustees visit BubbleFAST

Gurnee Mayor Tom Hood and Trustees visit BubbleFAST

Mark and Robin dressed up for Halloween

Mark and Robin dressed up for Halloween

Our first grand-elf enjoys playing in our pink-packing peanut playroom

Our first grand-elf enjoys playing in our pink-packing peanut playroom

A Journey of Innovation and Fun

GURNEE, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2024 / — Gurnee, IL – June 2024 – BubbleFAST, an online shipping supplies store, is thrilled to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Established in May 1999 by Alan and Robin Mann, BubbleFAST has grown from a home-based business to a full-scale shipping supply company that occupies five warehouses and sells thousands of products on eBay, Amazon, TikTok, Walmart, and their company website. They are celebrating this important milestone with a charity giveaway.

Over the years, BubbleFAST has achieved a variety of milestones that they are proud of, including the trademark of their first product, the Scotty Stuffer, and reaching $1 million in annual sales in 2014. The company has also been featured in prominent publications, such as Crain’s Chicago Business, and several reference books about starting and maintaining an eCommerce Business. BubbleFAST’s dedication to innovation is evident in their introduction of eco-friendly products like FunPak packing peanuts and 100% curbside recyclable padded mailers.

The shipping and packaging industry has evolved significantly over the past 25 years. The rise of online shopping and increasing competition from overseas sellers have both changed the industry in immeasurable ways. BubbleFAST has navigated these changes by focusing on customer satisfaction and offering high-quality products. In addition, staying connected with customers through online podcasts, in-person events, and active participation in the eCommerce community has helped BubbleFAST remain relevant despite growing competition in the market.

In 2001, BubbleFAST faced its biggest challenge when the company’s founder, Alan Mann passed away. During this difficult time, Mark Le Vine, a close family friend with a background in Accounting and IT, stepped in to help Robin manage the business. Mark’s invaluable support and expertise led to him becoming a permanent part of BubbleFAST. In 2003, Mark and Robin were married, further strengthening their partnership both personally and professionally. Together, they have continued to honor Alan’s legacy by growing the business and maintaining its core values.

As BubbleFAST looks to the future, the company is excited to announce the development of a new user-friendly website set to launch later this year. The company also plans to expand its product offerings, particularly in sustainable packaging solutions.

As part of their 25th anniversary celebration, BubbleFAST is running a social media campaign. BubbleFAST plans to donate up to twenty-five charities—one for each year. Customers are invited to share their favorite charities and highlight how these organizations have impacted their lives. This campaign has already garnered over 223 comments, showcasing the strong community support that BubbleFAST has built over the years.

“Checks were mailed out this week. We are so impressed with the wonderful assortment of charities recommended by our loyal customers. Based on your suggestions we have made donations to local, national, and international causes. We thank everybody who participated. We are proud to be part of such a wonderfully supportive community.”

-Mark & Robin Le Vine

For more information about BubbleFAST and their 25th anniversary celebrations, please visit their website at or visit the BubbleFAST Facebook page.

About BubbleFAST

BubbleFAST is a family-owned business based in Gurnee, Illinois that specializes in shipping and packaging supplies. Founded in 1999, the company offers a wide range of products, including bubble cushioning, packing peanuts, boxes, and Earth-Friendly packaging solutions. BubbleFAST is dedicated to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service to online sellers and businesses of all sizes.

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