Historically Significant WWII D-Day Flown Flag of LCI (L) 421 Lands On Auction

WWII D-Day Flown Flag of LCI (L) 421 – Gold Beach (King Red) Invasion of Normandy

WWII LCI (L) 421 D-Day Invasion of Normandy

WWII LCI (L) 421 D-Day Invasion of Normandy

WWII LCI (L) 421 D-Day - Steve Hudac Documents

WWII LCI (L) 421 D-Day – Steve Hudac Documents

The WWII D-Day Flown Flag of LCI (L) 421 – Gold Beach & archive of Steve Hudac, Coxswain of LCI (L) 421 during D-Day operations land on December 16th auction.

TALLAHASSEE, FL, USA, December 13, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Historically important WWII D-Day Flown Flag of LCI (L) 421 – Gold Beach (King Red) Invasion of Normandy and archive grouping of SC2/c Steve A. Hudac (September 15, 1907 – February 7, 1996), who served as Coxswain of LCI (L) 421 during D-Day operations and landings hits the auction block with Centurion Auctions on December 16, 2023.

All items within this lot were brought back from WWII by Hudac. Since that time, all items have been in the possession of Hudac’s family. Both the D-Day Flown Flag and archive are consigned by the family of Hudac.

The flag and grouping are offered as lot 102609 of the auction and carry a pre-sale estimate of $25,000-50,000.

The auction is open to the public and all are welcome to participate. Those interested in bidding on the flag or wanting to learn more should visit the auction details page.

The 48 star flag was flown aboard LCI (L) 421 on June 6th, 1944 during the invasion. Assigned to the 264th Royal Canadian Flotilla, LCI (L) 421 landed British troops of the 50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division, 56th (Independent) Infantry Brigade, 2nd Battalion, South Wales Borderers (2nd SWB) on Gold Beach (King Red). The flag is of multi-piece cotton/canvas construction with machine embroidered stars and a reinforced header. The flag incurred and exhibits heavy battle wear from D-Day operations.

Hudac stated to his family that while he was the ship’s cook, he was tasked by the Commanding Officer as Coxswain of LCI (L) 421 on the day of the D-Day Gold Beach (King Red) landings.

Following D-Day the Commanding Officer of LCI (L) 421, Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Robert M. Paul USNR with whom Hudac was very close, gifted this D-Day invasion, mast flown flag to Hudac.

Included with this lot are the following:

– WWII D-Day Flown Flag of LCI (L) 421 (Landing Ship Infantry, Large) – Gold Beach (King Red), Invasion of Normandy

Items owned by Hudac with many being used / worn by him personally during his service aboard LCI (L) 421.

– Enlisted white “Dixie Cup” Cap. Stamped “S.A. Hudac” on the inside brim.

– USN Dog Tags named to Hudac

– SC2/c (Petty Officer 2nd Class) white and blue rate patch. Dated 1942 on the reverse

– OD Green plastic whistle marked “USN”

– Saint Christopher, the Patron Saint of Travelers, USN Medallion necklace

– US Navy Amphibious Landing Forces patch with sweetheart charms

– “Ruptured Duck” discharge patches

Other included Provenance / Material:

– Typed letter from Hudac’s CO, Lieutenant Robert M. Paul USNR certifying his participation in the Invasion of France on D-Day, June 6th, 1944. Hand signed by Lt. Robert M. Paul. Dated June 8, 1944

– Typed letter from then Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal, expressing the Navy’s gratitude for his service. Dated November 14, 1945

– Recommendation letter from Hudac’s CO, Lieutenant Robert M. Paul USNR that exemplifies his work ethic and character. Dated August 2, 1945

– War Ration Books named to Hudac

– Hudac’s Naval Discharge Document and Certificate

– Assorted Original photographs of Hudac’s crew, family, friends and shore leave in Panama and Tijuana. LCI (L) 421 is shown in several photos.

– Framed studio portrait photo of Hudac in his “Crackerjack” uniform

– Framed Basic Training graduation photo from NTS Great Lakes

– Framed Sketch Print of LCI (421) unloading troops on a beach

– Notarized statement from the family

The Allied Invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944 (D-Day), involved nearly 160,000 Allied Troops (half of whom were American). The D-Day Invasion, and the sacrifice of those involved, signaled a turning point in the WWII European theater, and contributed largely to the defeat of Germany. Only a handful of legitimate D-Day flown flags are known to exist in the market. As such, this grouping, to have the D-Day Flown Flag and the Archive / Personal Items of Hudac, makes for an exceptional opportunity to own an incredible piece of history.

The depth and comprehensive nature of this historical WWII related grouping is remarkable.

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