Haydenfilms Announces Chris Saraceno’s Personal Growth Series

BREINIGSVILLE, Pa., March 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Haydenfilms teamed up with Chris Saraceno, a businessman, real estate investor, speaker, author, and leader, as he created a series to guide others to a successful life. He’s now making those ideas available and more accessible than ever through his online “The Theory of 5 Personal Growth Series.

The series, launched in December 2023, is an online video program created with the help of Haydenfilms, where Saraceno breaks down how to be a successful person through faith, staying fit, growing in relationships, healthy habits, financial philosophies, and more. Each video session is 30 minutes and done in a fireside chat style, covering the content of Saraceno’s book, workbook, and some of his personal stories behind it. All the videos are accessible through Haydenfilms’ companion company, Cemboo.

“I’ve been fortunate to build a very successful life in business and with my family,” Saraceno says. “But it wasn’t luck that got me here. It was strategies, mindful tactics, and conscious efforts to surround myself with men and women who excel in these areas. Now, I feel an obligation to share this philosophy with others.”

Haydenfilms founder, Hayden Craddolph, also admires Saraceno’s drive and work ethic. “He’s a truly exceptional person,” Craddolph says. “We are so proud to work with him and were so happy to bring all of these companies together in this collaborative project.”

A vice president and partner in the Kelly Automotive Group, Saraceno has been a partner in 14 different automotive franchises in Pennsylvania and Florida and founder of the online community DealerElite.com. He’s been a featured speaker and author for the launch team of General Motors EV1, and he is one of the three original Saturn Corporation board members where he helped influence a customer-focused approach to selling vehicles now and in the future.

Saraceno is also the author of The Theory of 5, a book and workbook that explains the lifetime process of selecting mentors in the five most significant areas of a person’s life: spirituality, relationships, parenting, business/finance, and health/fitness.

“Success isn’t stumbled upon or wished for,” Saraceno says. “It’s a process to get there and it’s built on consistency and awareness. I want to support people in living their best life. It’s a new year, new you. It’s your time.”

The Personal Growth Series starts as low as $25 for all the online video content, up to $99 for the video content, plus a Q&A with Saraceno himself.

For more information about the Personal Growth Series and The Theory of 5, visit theoryof5.com.

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