GrowthDesk Launches Subscription Plan for its SKALE Solution to Drive Year-Round Success for FMCG brands

SKALE technologies built to activate, capture, and engage shoppers in-store and online

With SKALE’s subscription plan, FMCG brands now enjoy full access to SKALE’s tools so that they can activate shoppers all year round while building up their customer database.”

— Yuet Whey Siah, CEO of GrowthDesk

SINGAPORE, February 22, 2024 / — GrowthDesk, the leading enterprise solution for capturing customer data to drive growth, has launched a subscription plan for its SKALE solution to enable FMCG brands to activate shoppers all year round, capture customer data, and engage them to build 1-to-1 relationships without the need to first invest in hundreds of thousands of dollars to build up these capabilities.

With SKALE’s subscription plan, FMCG brands can substantially reduce overall marketing costs from one-off tactical campaigns that are not translating into sustainable growth and new customer acquisition.

FMCG brands globally use the SKALE solution to convert every sale and marketing touchpoint into an opportunity to connect with its shoppers directly and to build an engine for driving increase in customer lifetime value.

GrowthDesk’s CEO, Yuet Whey Siah, explained, “We have seen our FMCG partners being highly creative with how they leverage the SKALE solution. For example, their shoppers can scan a QR code on the product, be directed to a chatbot that first profiles their shopping preferences and provides product recommendations.

Upon purchase at 7-Eleven, SKALE’s Smart Receipts automatically validates the purchase data and rewards the shopper with a Digital Scratch Card or one of the many gamification experiences we offer.

The experience doesn’t stop there, based on the shoppers’ purchase data, the shopper is automatically rewarded with a returning voucher that can be used both online and offline via WhatsApp.”

With SKALE’s subscription, FMCG brands now have full and unlimited access to SKALE’s tools allowing the brands to activate shoppers all year round while building up their customer database of shoppers and their purchase data.

This enables FMCG brands to propel growth and drive loyalty on a scalable, yet personalized basis.

The SKALE solution automatically structures and labels the data captured from every customer interaction across campaigns so that brands have a seamless and organized way to use these first-party data.

With new AI use cases emerging, forward-thinking FMCG brands recognize the importance of owning their customer data to unlock hyper-personalized customer engagement and predictive analytics for better decision-making.

GrowthDesk’s CEO, Yuet Whey Siah, explained, “Our mission is to help brands capture, take control, and own their data so that they can maximize their sales and profitability throughout the customer lifecycle. We see a future where marketing decisions will not be guesswork. Marketers can easily enter prompts or questions to receive real-time suggestions that are based on actual data and leverage on generative AI to deliver hyper-personalized engagement.”

About GrowthDesk

GrowthDesk is the premier enterprise solution to enable customer data capture for growth.

GrowthDesk’s SKALE solution offers dialogue automation via chatbots, automated receipts verification and validation (Smart Receipts), and a full suite of plug-and-play modules for brands to digitize and boost promotional campaigns all year round.

Through the SKALE dashboard, brands have a seamless way to analyze their shopper behavior and basket size data and convert them into actionable strategies to drive sales.

Trusted by over 7,000 businesses worldwide, SKALE is a platform that helps offline businesses like FMCGs, Malls, and Retailers in activating shoppers, capturing customer data and engaging customers to build lifetime loyalty.

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