Good Clean Love Embarks on a New Chapter of Growth and Innovation

Under New CEO Brenda Demers, The Brand’s Mission Focuses on Supporting The Vaginal Microbiome For Women of All Ages and Throughout All Stages of Life

EUGENE, Ore., April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Good Clean Love, the trailblazing brand of natural and organic sexual and vaginal health products, is thrilled to announce a transformative phase in its journey. Under new CEO Brenda Demers, a seasoned executive with 20 years of experience from Unilever and Johnson & Johnson, the brand is poised for a new era of expansion and looks to solve real health problems for women through innovative products that support the vaginal microbiome.

Founded two decades ago in Wendy Strgar’s kitchen, Good Clean Love has always been a force for innovation, integrity, and education on the essential role the vaginal microbiome plays in women’s reproductive and overall health. Strgar’s vision has guided the brand through remarkable milestones, including a $21 million investment from Corbel Capital Partners in mid-2022, which has helped accelerate the brand’s growth trajectory and provided a chance for Demers to step in as the new CEO, while Strgar continues to create as Chief Innovation Officer.

“Collaborating with science-backed brands within the health and wellness realm and affecting tangible change in the lives of women is my passion,” stated Brenda Demers, CEO of Good Clean Love. “As I lead Good Clean Love as CEO, my mission is to empower every woman to become the CEO of her vaginal health at every pivotal stage of life whether it be trying to conceive to postpartum, or perimenopause to post-menopause.”

Demers’ enthusiasm for helping women live and love well will be instrumental in driving Good Clean Love‘s mission of giving anyone with a vagina agency over their sexual and reproductive health. Under her dynamic leadership, Good Clean Love will unveil its new package design with a focus on microbiome-centric education and will pivot to focusing its women’s health products on the diverse phases of a woman’s health and life journey.

For the past ten years, the brand’s product formulations have been meticulously crafted based on the patented, 3-layer-stacked technology principles of Bio-Matching, meaning creating products for the optimal vaginal condition. This innovative Bio-Match® technology has garnered recognition among over 15,000 healthcare professionals. The commitment to scientific rigor and the development of products that promote vaginal health without harm led to the creation of Vaginal Biome Science, a groundbreaking biotechnology startup launched by Strgar in 2020. This venture will unveil unprecedented studies this year, focusing on the vaginal microbiome and its impact on women’s health.

“Our new forward-thinking, purpose-driven approach comes at a particularly relevant time, following President Biden’s executive order to expand research and support for women’s health initiatives,” continued Demers. “The brand’s dedication to empowering women through innovative solutions aligns seamlessly with these national efforts to advance women’s health and is long overdue.”

As the dynamic and resilient center of a woman’s reproductive health, the vaginal microbiome deserves products that nurture and support its delicate balance. Good Clean Love is proud to be leading the charge in providing innovative solutions that empower women at every stage of life.

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Good Clean Love is a pioneering brand in natural and organic vaginal health products, committed to providing innovative, science-backed, and clinically proven solutions that empower women’s reproductive health, safely and effectively. Founded in Eugene, Oregon, the company has garnered acclaim for its patented Bio-Match® technology and unwavering dedication to integrity and consumer well-being. Learn more about Good Clean Love at or follow on Instagram @goodcleanlove.

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