Dog Obsessed Mom Offers Subscription Box and T-Shirt Club Specifically for Dog Lovers

Dog Obsessed Mom

Dog Obsessed Mom is more than a brand; it’s a community of women united by their adoration for dogs.

OVIEDO, FL, UNITED STATES, December 13, 2023 / — Dog Obsessed Mom, a new company, has recently introduced a monthly subscription box and t-shirt club specifically designed for dog enthusiasts. This initiative not only aims to indulge dog lovers but also contributes to the welfare of dogs in need.

The mission of Dog Obsessed Mom centers on its deep-rooted desire to positively impact the lives of dogs. The company is dedicated to supporting shelters and rescue organizations, focusing on improving the lives of dogs and highlighting the plight of those in shelters waiting for permanent homes.

The company’s approach to giving back includes allocating a portion of each sale to assist shelters and rescues. This commitment transforms every purchase into a lifeline for dogs awaiting adoption.

Subscribers to the monthly box can expect a variety of dog-themed items that reflect the special bond between dog moms and their fur babies. Each box, while maintaining an element of surprise, includes an information card about a shelter or rescue and details about the specific dogs that were sponsored from that month’s proceeds.

In addition to the subscription box, Dog Obsessed Mom offers an exclusive T-Shirt Club. All t-shirt designs are created in-house, focusing on trendy and unique styles that resonate with dog lovers. These shirts represent more than fashion; they symbolize a wearer’s love for dogs.

The driving force behind Dog Obsessed Mom is Ashley Healy, an entrepreneur with a deep commitment to canine welfare. Ashley’s journey began with fostering dogs, leading to three “foster fails”, and her household now includes four cherished dogs: Carter Bing, Gracie, Oliver, and Ellie Poods. Her inspiration for the company stemmed from her affinity for personalized gifts that remind her of her fur babies, evolving into a business aimed at sharing this joy with other dog enthusiasts.

Dog Obsessed Mom stands as more than just a brand; it’s a community of women bonded by unwavering love for dogs and expressing affection through fashion while supporting a meaningful cause.

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*Note: Every purchase with Dog Obsessed Mom supports a meaningful cause and shares a unique story, encapsulating the essence of dog lovers making a difference.

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*Every purchase gives back. Every box tells a story. Dog Obsessed Mom, where your love for dogs helps make a difference!

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