Business Authority Launches New Service for Entrepreneurs 50+ Who Seek Expert Advice to Move to the Next Level

Bruce Frankel, Co-Founder, Author, Business Architect, and Positive Aging Activist

Brian Pratt, Co-Founder and Business Architect

A new visionary community and business accelerator for mature entrepreneurs, Business Authority will drive businesses to profitability faster.

We’ve created Business Authority to help entrepreneurs over 50 overcome the hurdles of getting the right people, processes and products lined up.”

— Bruce Frankel

SHARON, MA, US, January 17, 2024 / — Business Authority, a professional eCommunity and business accelerator for entrepreneurs 50+, announced its launch today from its offices in Sharon, Mass.

Business Authority is an easy-to-use, time-saving and secure community for entrepreneurs over 50 years old and small- and medium-size business owners and executives, to propel networking, marketing, opportunities and sales.

Senior entrepreneurs are the 21st century’s new economic engine. Business Authority will help them refine and execute their good ideas to provide products and services people want to help them drive their businesses to profitability faster.

As part of Business Authority, entrepreneurs will also use their valuable experience to mentor others, defeat ageism that permeates society, and move the economy ahead.

Think about it, if you were an explorer heading into a treacherous new habitat, wouldn’t you want seasoned guides to help you prepare to navigate the complexities of your adventure, avoid common mistakes and dangerous pitfalls, and share a reliable network of experts, resources and partners? Wouldn’t you want to be part of a community invested in your success?

Business Authority’s comprehensive suite of tools gives members of this elite business community what they need to learn, collaborate, and communicate—instantly (one-click video conferencing, chat, mail), effectively and securely with experts, colleagues, potential suppliers, investors and customers to grow valuable relationships and profitable businesses.

“Too frequently, older entrepreneurs run into age bias that makes acquiring needed funding difficult to get,” according to Bruce Frankel, co-founder of Business Authority. “They also have to overcome the myth that starting a business is for the young, even though mountains of evidence show the opposite.

“We’ve created Business Authority to help entrepreneurs over 50 overcome the hurdles of getting the right people, processes and products lined up. We assess their business readiness, create a plan, assign wise business guides, and suggest courses to fill skills gap. We also invite the community to support them in their journey to become profitable and to prove the skeptics wrong.”

Faculty on the Business Authority eCampus covers crucial areas like business planning, financial management, public relations, leadership and management, market research, publishing, sales and marketing. It also offers a landscape for coaching, referrals, lead generation, and financing.

The eCampus will also host directories BA ProSource, promoting products and services to help Business Authority members’ companies grow, and BA ProVendor a specialized product and service listing that is part of a unique referral business environment with lead generation, up-sell, cross-sell, and compensation plan opportunities.

According to Brian Pratt, co-founder of Business Authority, “There are endless opportunities for how to monetize ProSource or ProVendor for your organization by connecting with a Business Authority eCampus Architect.”

Courses on the eCampus will be presented in real-time and asynchronously (recorded and accessible at any time). In addition, webinars will provide virtual learning with affordable tuition. Mastermind teams and special interest groups will offer significant value in personal and professional development, providing small, supportive gatherings of like-minded individuals who come together to help each other achieve their goals, share knowledge, and offer constructive feedback.

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