Airports and Transportation Hubs Strive to Lower Operational Costs by Deploying Cleaning Robot Solutions from Navia

Scrubber 50 – Autonomous Floor Scrubber Robot

Navia Robotics - Scrubber 60 - Autonomous Floor Scrubber Robot

Scrubber 60 – Autonomous Floor Scrubber Robot

Navia Robotics – Scrubber 75 -Large Autonomous Floor Scrubber Robot

Navia Robotics – Scrubber 75 – Floor Scrubber Robot at Singapore Changi International Airport

Navia Robotics Logo

Navia Robotics Logo

Navia Robotics’ Autonomous Cleaning Robots Take Flight at Airports and Transportation Hubs, Slashing Labor Costs and Improving Floor Cleanliness

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2024 / — Ensuring a pristine and inviting atmosphere is paramount for operational excellence and customer delight in the dynamic realms of air travel and transportation. However, the vast expanse and high pedestrian volumes of airports and transportation hubs render manual floor cleaning an arduous and cost-prohibitive undertaking. Acknowledging this formidable challenge, a growing number of these facilities are embracing Navia Robotics’ cutting-edge autonomous cleaning robots as a solution to maintain immaculate floors while achieving substantial reductions in labor expenditures.

Navia Robotics, a pioneering provider of AI-driven service robots, offers a comprehensive line of autonomous floor cleaning robots designed specifically for the unique demands of large-scale transportation environments. These advanced robots are equipped with state-of-the-art navigation and obstacle avoidance capabilities, allowing them to efficiently clean vast areas without human intervention, even in the busiest of settings.

“Our autonomous cleaning robots are revolutionizing the way airports and transportation hubs approach floor maintenance,” said Peter Kim, Chief Technology Officer at Navia Robotics. “By automating the cleaning process, our airport robots not only deliver consistently pristine floors but also significantly reduce labor costs, enabling these facilities to optimize their operations and enhance the overall travel experience.”

One of Navia Robotics’ flagship cleaning robots, the Scrubber 50, has gained significant traction in the aviation and transportation sectors. This powerful robot is capable of autonomously scrubbing and drying expansive floor areas, ensuring a consistently clean and safe environment for travelers and personnel alike. With its advanced navigation system and obstacle avoidance algorithms, the Scrubber 50 can navigate complex terminal layouts, avoiding collisions with people, luggage carts, and other obstacles.

“Implementing Navia Robotics’ Scrubber 50 robots has been a game-changer for our international airport,” said Mark Johnson, Facilities Manager at a Changi International Airport. “Not only have we seen a substantial reduction in labor costs associated with manual floor cleaning, but the robots have also improved the overall cleanliness and appearance of our terminals, resulting in a more positive travel experience for our passengers. Systems like these definitely help with guest satisfaction and keep us focused on delivering the best airport experience possible.”

In addition to the Scrubber 50, Navia Robotics offers a range of autonomous cleaning robots tailored to the specific needs of airports and transportation hubs. These include the Vacuum 50 for efficient debris removal in high-traffic areas and the Scrubber 75 for very large scale floor cleaning, including the biggest of airport terminals

“By integrating Navia Robotics’ cleaning robots into our operations, we’ve been able to maintain a pristine environment while optimizing our workforce and reducing the risk of accidents associated with manual cleaning tasks,” said Holly Chiang, Facilities Manager at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. “The robots have proven to be a valuable investment, contributing to increased operational efficiency, a safer working environment for our staff, and a more welcoming atmosphere for travelers.”

Navia Robotics’ cleaning robots are not only efficient and effective but also environmentally friendly. Many models are equipped with advanced filtration systems and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, minimizing the environmental impact of cleaning operations and aligning with the sustainability goals of many transportation facilities. Advanced diagnostics capabilities are built-in to reduce downtime and keep the machines in best operating conditions at all times.

As the aviation and transportation sectors continue to grow, the adoption of automation and robotics technologies has become a strategic imperative for facilities seeking to maintain a competitive edge. Navia Robotics’ autonomous cleaning robots offer a path forward, enabling airports and transportation hubs to streamline cleaning operations, reduce overhead costs, and create a cleaner, safer, and more welcoming environment for travelers and personnel alike.

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