ADO Ebike and Bafang team up for stronger and smarter Air 28 Pro

This collaboration is the result of listening to the ADO community and responding to customers’ needs.

HONG KONG, March 7, 2024 / — ADO EBIKE announces the upcoming pre-sale of the ADO Air 28 Pro, set to start on March 11th, 2024. The ADO Air 28 Pro addresses the issue of automatic gear shifting when navigating hills and tackling complex terrain. This ensures a smoother and more comfortable riding experience for customers.

A Closer Look at the ADO Air 28 Pro

The first highlight of Air 28 Pro is the automatic inner gear Bafang rear motor, with an automatic gear shifting feature, offering a peak torque of 40 N.m, ensuring that riders have the power they need to tackle any terrain. The dual-mode functionality, featuring ECO and SPORT modes, helps riders to switch between efficiency and power modes, making it suitable for a variety of riding styles and preferences.

Integrated front and rear lights enhance visibility in all riding conditions, and the addition of turn signal functionality ensures that riders can communicate their intentions clearly to others on the road. The control integration makes it effortless to operate lights and signals, keeping focus on the ride. This feature comes from suggestions made by members of the ADO community, and it has now been implemented.

The Air 28 Pro’s pre-installed aluminum fenders balances durability and weight, helping to enhance the overall performance of the bike.

The Air 28 Pro continues the belt drive and torque sensor from the Air 28, along with hydraulic brakes, providing a smooth, efficient, and reliable riding experience.

As a modern electric bike designed for urban exploration, with its relaxed Dutch-style design, the Air 28 Pro aims to be a companion for both daily commutes and adventurous weekends. Priced at €1,899, ADO will offer an exclusive early bird price for customers during the pre-sale on 11th March. All further information is now available directly at ADO.

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