ACTIVE Releases New Jetted Tub Cleaner for an Improved Bathing Experience

ACTIVE’s Jetted Tub Cleaner is compatible with all types of jetted bathtubs. Liquid deep cleaning solution to remove residue from internal areas and external surfaces.

ACTIVE expands its line of spa cleaning products with the release of a new Jetted Tub Cleaner. Designed to deep clean and deodorize any type of jetted bathtub.

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, December 28, 2023 / — ACTIVE, a trusted brand in the appliance cleaning industry, is pleased to announce the release of their latest product – ACTIVE Jetted Tub Cleaner. Specially formulated to deep clean and deodorize jetted bathtubs, this concentrated cleaner aims to simplify and improve tub cleaning and maintenance.

Jetted tubs, such as whirlpools and hot tubs, have gained popularity over the years for providing a luxurious and therapeutic bathing experience. However, the intricate design and internal water pipes of these tubs often make them a breeding ground for residue build-up leftover from soap scum, body oils, hard water. Neglecting to clean these contaminants can lead to those unsightly black flakes floating in the water. This build-up not only affects the visual appeal of the tub but can also compromise its performance and the quality of bathing water.

With the ACTIVE Jetted Tub Cleaner Liquid, preventing these issues becomes less of a chore. The powerful formula is specifically designed to tackle and eliminate stubborn residue, leaving the jetted tub pristine and fresh. By targeting the internal areas of the tub, like the water pipes and pumps, this cleaner ensures a thorough clean that goes beyond the surface.

“Our team at ACTIVE is committed to providing effective and efficient cleaning solutions that enhance the well-being of our customers,” said a marketing representative at ACTIVE. “We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic environment, especially in areas where relaxation and rejuvenation take place. ACTIVE Jetted Tub Cleaner Liquid is a testament to our dedication to delivering quality products that improve the everyday lives of our consumers.”

ACTIVE Jetted Tub Cleaner Liquid stands apart from other cleaners on the market by being compatible with all types of jetted tubs. This cleaner is suitable for use on any kind of jetted tub, making it a versatile choice for homeowners and commercial establishments alike. Users can proceed with confidence that their tub is receiving the care it needs, regardless of its make or model.

In addition to its cleaning capabilities, ACTIVE Jetted Tub Cleaner Liquid also aims to improve the overall bathing experience. By effectively removing residue build-up, it maintains the tub’s performance, allowing for a more enjoyable and relaxing soak. Regular cleaning results in cleaner water, free from unwanted particles that may hinder the soaking experience.

ACTIVE Jetted Tub Cleaner Liquid is now available for purchase on for convenient ordering and expedited delivery.

More information and detailed instructions for ACTIVE Jetted Tub Cleaner can be found on their website.


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