A New Update to pixiv’s Top Page for the Smartphone Coming Early July That Will Make Browsing Illustrations, Manga, and Novels as Easy as Switching Tabs

pixiv, the communications platform operated by pixiv Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "pixiv," Office: Shibuya, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yasuhiro Niwa), will be debuting an all-new top page for the smartphone in early July. After the launch of the new top page for the smartphone, it will be rolled out to the desktop version of pixiv and the pixiv smartphone apps together.

The new update will introduce two new tabs: the “Home” and “Discover” tabs. The Home tab will show a combination of illustrations, manga, and novels; the Discover tab will provide new ways to find your new favorite works.

*The Illustrations, Manga, and Novels tabs will remain available for browsing.

With the addition of the Home and Discover tabs, as well as future updates intended to make creativity more fun than ever before, pixiv hopes that more people have the opportunity to see, find, and enjoy new favorite works. 

About the Home tab
This tab displays recommended works based on your viewing history and works that are popular on pixiv. Illustrations, manga, and novels will be shown all together.

Recommended works are displayed in a vertical row along with the author's name and title, allowing you to enjoy each work in detail compared to the traditional tile display.

You can also add bookmarks or display and post comments directly from this screen.

*If you view a work for a certain time in Home, it will be counted as a view for that work.
*Age-restricted works will not be displayed in Home.

Up to three pages of multi-page illustrations and manga can be viewed by using the slider. For novels, the slider can be used to view the cover page and read the first part.

About the Discover tab
You will see works categorized by tags, such as tags based on your browsing history and trending tags that are frequently searched on pixiv, recommended creators, and articles from pixivision.

*The content and pages mentioned in this announcement are currently under development and may appear differently in the actual update.

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