MainSpring Books Announces Stellar Lineup for the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2024

Discovering a Mosaic of Narratives at the Nation’s Premier Book Festival

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 11, 2024 / — MainSpring Books is delighted to be part of the vibrant tapestry of the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2024. Slated for April 20-21 on the scenic grounds of the University of Southern California, the festival will showcase an eclectic selection from MainSpring Books’ extensive catalog, along with a series of engaging sessions with some of our featured authors.

With a rich selection that spans various genres, MainSpring Books is set to captivate attendees with an impressive range of novels, memoirs, educational reads, and more. Festival visitors are in for a treat, with the promise of finding new literary gems across a spectrum of captivating narratives.

The roster includes:
1. Barry M. Leonardini – JESUS AND PETER A Different View of Christ and His Catholic Church
2. Beverly Biehr – Casualties of Peacemaking
3. Charles Hall – Life Changing Words from Jesus
4. Cheryl Knoll – Hidden Hills
5. Cheryl Knoll – She Hears the Wind
6. Cheryl Knoll – Face in the Window
7. Chinyere Egbe – Elephants, The Grass, and a Teacher
8. Christopher Sage Nelson – The Warriors of Atlantis and the Fallen Knight
9. Chuck Worthy – An Honest Christian Poet: In the dead of winter, I have seen a wondrous thing
10. Claudette Carter – Walker’s Way: How Are You Walking In Your Life?
11. Cora Ramos – Haiku Dance
12. Destiny B. Sincere – From There to Here and Beyond: Evidence of Spiritual Warfare
13. Doretta Whalen – Discovering Saint Anthony: Portugal to Padua
14. Dr. Barbara ten Brink – On the Space Shuttle with Sally Ride (Young-Adult Biographies)
15. Dr. Beverly Kastelic Long – Get-A-Long Poems: And Other Conundrums of Childhood
16. Dr. Edward Benzel – Today Was A Good Day: A Collection of Essays From The Heart Of A Neurosurgeon
17. Dr. Kek Brew – Well Disciplined Disciple
18. Dr. Owen Thomas Ashton – Living Above the Chaos: A Practical Guide to Peak Performance and Self Mastery in a Crazy World
19. Dr. Robert Barthelemy – GodLight: Possibilities from the Intersections of Science and Spirituality
20. Eileen Tanaka-Sylvia – It’s Okay, I Toot Too!
21. George L. Limberakis – It’s Time for Sleep
22. Ginearosa Carbone – Cut Me Open, Make Me Whole
23. Gisela Woldenga – A Score to Settle
24. Glen Olson – Desperate Endeavor
25. Gregory L. Matloff – The Starflight Handbook: A Pioneer’s Guide to Interstellar Travel
26. Jan Keegan – Como Cristo es Mi Ejemplo: Un camino diario en la fe con Cristo (Spanish Edition)
27. Janet-Lynn Morrison – Forever is Today
28. Janice Linder – Take Courage, My Daughter
29. Joan Cantrell – Mystery at the Circus
30. John A. Gaetano – America’s Deceit: A journey of a man in search of the truth about himself… and about his country
31. John Edwards – What a Tale My Thoughts Will Tell: Words Not to Be Forgotten
32. Joseph Gill – The Rational Emotive Train
33. Judith Vander Wege – Annalisa’s Journey Through Grief
34. Juli-Ann Gasper – Way Up North Where the Kittiwakes Play: An A to Z Alphabet Book for Child and Adult
35. Kathleen Devine – Preparing for the Shift
36. Kathleen Whitham – Brother and Sister Bunny’s Amazing Easter Adventure
37. Kathleen Whitham – The Littlest Christmas Tree
38. Kathleen Whitham – How Gobbly Gobbler and Friends Worked Together to Make a Delicious Dinner
39. Kathleen Whitham – Halloween Costume Poem
40. Kenneth David Musser – Grandfather’s Enduring Love
41. Lakeisha M. Dale – Naturally Healed the Holistic Way: A Comprehensive Guide
42. Marcia Kline-Libertz – Living In God’s Grace
43. Marguerita Gordon – PAUL OF TARSUS Life, Journeys, & Ministries: Paul: Story Behind the Story
44. Mark Merkley – Sandra’s Syndrome
45. Marlene L. Burling – Breaking Through the Clouds
46. Marlowe J. Churchill – Murder on the Llano Estacado
47. Mary Eicher – Perceptions (The Artemis Series)
48. Mary Sayers – Franky the Cranky Crab Sea Glass Jack’s Myth
49. Melinda Fouts – Cognitive Enlightenment
50. Neill Mitchell – A Stateside Tour of Duty
51. Neill Mitchell – Where There is Life, There is Always Hope
52. Nolan Webber – Pride of Alar Vol. II: Fimbulwinter
53. Olimpio Guidi – My Life Story of a Grateful Immigrant Who Lived the American Dream
54. Patricia Jensen – John or Is It Fred: A Glimpse of the Jensen Family Saga
55. Peter J. Waldner – The Mystery of God’s Message Understood Through Bible Verses
56. Richard W. Todd Jr – Angels and Bullies
57. RL Monsheimer – One Last Swim
58. Ronald Walters – The Bounce 30 Days to a Happier You: Let your thought life create your new better life!
59. Sara Williams – One Big Itch
60. Sheila Wood – Waiting for Elijah: A Walk Through Time
61. Stephen W. Sweigart – ExistMankind
62. Tamara Rivera – Tamara’s Journey Through Trials and Tears
63. Terri Spitzer – My Complicated Yet Wonderful Life
64. Theresa Nagy – Sweet Treats
65. Tina Murray – A Big Fan of Yours (Heston Demming)
66. Vito Bertuglia – Botheration: Part One: The Missing Link
67. Vito Bertuglia – Botheration: Part Two: Waves of Dinosaurs
68. Vito Bertuglia – Botheration: Part Three: Epiphany
69. Will Chubb – My Dog Teddy
70. William Epps Jr – From the Cradle to the Present
71. DMV Walter R. Hoge – Thoughts on my Thoughts Book III: The Tales That Wagged This Veterinarian

MainSpring Books will host a diverse literary universe at booth 967 during the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2024. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet authors, obtain autographs on favorite titles, and engage in thought-provoking discussions that can enhance the reading experience. This event provides an ideal setting for discovering new literary works that could become future favorites.

At MainSpring Books, the unifying power of storytelling and the vibrant tapestry of literature reflects the myriad experiences of life. MainSpring Books is dedicated to creating connections through the love of books. Witness this enriching event where the narrative comes to life and imagination knows no bounds.

Curious about the diverse range of books and authors MainSpring Books has to offer? Visit for more information.

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